Greb's Horizon Essential Mods

No-F4SE Mods

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Instructions Load right after the game DLCs.
Automatically Lowered Weapons
Informations Can be compacted and tagged as an ESL
Boston FPS Fix
Instructions Load right before the Enhanced Settlements plugins for maximum impact or at the top of your load order for maximum compatibility
Boston FPS Fix - PRP Edition
One Minutemen Radiant Quest at a time
Informations Can be tagged as an ESL
Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth
No PA Battery Pathing

F4SE Mods

Buffout 4

Instructions 1. Download and install Buffout 4
2. Download and install Address Library for F4SE Plugins
3. If you're using the Blur Removal plugin from Horizon, download the fixed plugin pinned in the Discord #mod-compatibility channel
Mod Configuration Menu
Unlimited Survival Mode
High FPS Physics Fix
Sprint Stuttering Fix
Weapon Debris Crash Fix
Informations Only needed for post-Pascal NVIDIA GPUs (from RTX 20+ or GTX 16+)
Classic Holstered Weapons
Bullet Counted Reload
Instructions Install Bullet Counted Reload - v.2.00 (Main Files)
Install BCR - Lever Action Rifle v1.02 (Optional Files)
BCR patch for Horizon's Lever Action Shotgun
Extended Dialogue Interface
Place Everywhere
Better Console
Crafting Highlight Fix